Do I need a Firearm Certificate (FAC) to shoot at your club? We welcome complete beginners, so an FAC is not required. Once you are a full member and have tried the selection of firearms that we have available, many shooters then go on to get their own firearms for which an FAC is required. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience at the club and you’ll be sure to find someone to help get you  started. Alternatively, each individual Police Force have their own dedicated Firearm Enquiry Team (FET) with an associated website, showing the procedure and what is required.

Can I just book a time slot for range space and then turn up? Unfortunately not and this applies even if you are a current firearms certificate holder (FAC). The UK has some of the toughest gun laws in the world and as a consequence there are only two ways to shoot at the club. Firstly, you can only shoot at the club after attending an initial induction and then subsequently gaining probationary membership. Alternatively you can shoot at the club as a personal guest of a full member.

What happens at an induction? Firstly an induction involves NO shooting. It’s merely a group attendance with other like-minded people with a view to becoming members. Examples of things discussed are; safety (the single most important aspect of shooting), what we do, what equipment we have available, the costs. and the membership process. You will also be shown the range first hand and it’s your chance to ask further questions. If you like what you see and hear, you will be able to take an application form away with you to start the ball rolling.

Members own Guests….and what they can   shoot? Members are reminded, that they can bring  their own personal guests to the club, for  up to 4 visits, after which, if they wish to continue to shoot they MUST apply for club membership in the normal way. If you wish to bring a guest, then a mandatory 48 hours notice is required. See the Duty Officer for details. During these visits guests are ONLY allowed to shoot with .22 Bolt Action rifles. Once members you will receive training and when you have shown competence with a particular calibre/discipline you can then  progress through to .22 semi-auto rifles and larger calibres.

What are your opening times? Please see our opening times page for our hours of opening.

What are your current membership fees? Our current membership fees can be found on our fees page.

How much does ammunition cost? The price of ammunition, much of which comes from the USA, can therefore change at short notice. You can find out the up to date costs at your induction.