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5th May 2022


The next shoot is on the 15th May 2022 

From 8:30 > 12:30 Shoot at 300 yards

Break for lunch

Then from 13:00 shoot at 1000 yards.

For full details download a list of this years dates

CRC FB Dates 2022


5th May 2022


Please note that to minimise the effects of the clash with the Full Bore shoot, the next shoot on the 15th May 2022 from 8:30>12:30, has now been switched to the CRC Home Range.

If you don’t already have the dates for the rest of the year, you can download a list below.

CRC MLP Dates 2022

9th February 2022



The SCSBRA LSR Open Competition will be held at Carshalton Rifle Club on 7th May 2022 from 0930 to 1630.

40 shots on PL14 cards.

Competition to be shot in two details.

20 shots per detail, plus sighters on the first detail.

£10 entry fee .

For full details on how to enter, please go to the SCSBRA  website.

5th October 2021


We are pleased to announce, that in light of the pandemic and associated financial difficulties for some members, we will again be offering a reduced membership fee.  For 2022 this will be £150 ( half price for under 18s )

Remember, that unlike many other clubs, we do not charge any green (attendance) fee and that both gun and other equipment hire are also free. You only pay for disposables ie targets and ammunition.


We are now able to take credit and debit card payments. UNFORTUNATELY DUE TO HIGH BANK CHARGES  – WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCEPT ANY AMEX PAYMENTS FOR ANY SALES OR MEMBERSHIP.  Cheques and good old fashioned cash will also be accepted. You can also pay by bank transfer (BACS) directly to our club bank account, the details of which can be found on your renewal letters that you all should have received. After transfer payment please post your renewal letter to the address shown, so that your payment can be recorded and reconciled with our bank records. Alternatively, you can take a photo of the renewal letter and WhatsApp direct to Tony, if more convenient.

IMPORTANT- if you pay by bank transfer do not forget to quote your surname and membership number as a reference number, ie Smith1234, otherwise we will not be able to identify your payment.

If you are having any financial difficulties, due to furlough, loss of earnings, etc, then please contact either the club secretary or membership secretary to discuss any possible payment plans.

September 2021


We are now generating funds for completing the construction of the target retrieval  system. If you would like to make a contribution of any amount – our bank details  are; CARSHALTON RIFLE CLUB sort code 40-45-17 a/c no 21117866  

Please use the ref: TARGET FUND and also include your NAME, so that we can identify the payment. Thank You.

July 2021

We are now fully open !

We have now returned to opening the club every weekday evening. Booking is no longer required.

There will be a Duty Officer on the Desk and a Range Officer for the evening. If you are an experienced shooter and would like to volunteer to do some Range Officer duties, we can provide training, if necessary. Please give your  name and contact details in at the desk so that we can arrange for you to be contacted. Without the support of its members, it will be difficult for the club to cover all the nights with both a duty officer and a range officer.

We are encouraging Families and Juniors to attend on a Friday night as there is no school on Saturdays, and Thursday evenings are generally dedicated to Prone shooting.

July 2021


You are reminded that in order to use CRC club provided black powder or propellent you must now be in possession of a VALID  explosive licence. Scroll down for full details.

Please Note – Only experienced shooters can attend Bisley ML shoots. Hopefully in the near future we will be able to re-introduce CRC home ML shoots, where we will be able to offer training as necessary.

July 2021



Following the recent and poorly publicised extension of UK Explosives Regulations to include black powder substitutes (e.g. Hodgdons Triple Seven) the Metropolitan Police MO19 Specialist Firearms Command has instructed the club that ALL shooters participating in ML pistol events and using club provided black powder or propellants must be in possession of a valid Acquire and Keep (AK), or Acquire Only(AO), Explosives Certificate.

MO19  have, however, agreed that potential new ML shooters without a certificate, may initially experience ML shooting under the constant supervision of an experienced certificate holder, but not load or handle powder/propellants.

ACTION: All members wishing to participate in CRC hosted ML pistol shoots and use club provided powder/propellant must therefore:

a) be able to produce a valid Acquire and Keep OR an Acquire Only Explosives Certificate specifying UN explosive numbers UN0027 (black powder granular or meal), UN0028 (black powder compressed or pellets) and UN0499 (propellant).

b) apply for an A&K or AO Explosives Certificate using form ER 4A [attached]

Certificates are free and are valid for five years. The Acquire Only application process is a straightforward formality. The Acquire and Keep application process will require a home visit assessment and possession of compliant storage container.

FURTHER INFORMATION: See met.police.UK/AR/applyregister or speak with CRC ML Pistol Captain Chris Stone or Club Secretary Barry Compton.

Get application here.

July 2021


Our new shop page is now live with various items available and all displaying the club logo. More options may be added in the future, depending on the demand. Just click the shop page in the menu for more details and the link. The club earns a small commission on every purchase, so please support us if you can.

July 2021


We are now offering club inductions again. If after seeing what we have to offer, you are interested in joining our club, then please send a message via the contact page. We will contact you to invite you to attend an induction with our induction officer, where we informally go through what we have to offer in a little more detail; show you the club facilities and equipment; have a safety talk; give information on membership procedure and costs and also give you the opportunity to ask any questions. Then if you are still interested in proceeding (and we hope you are) you can take away an application form to start the ball rolling.

The CRC committee would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for it’s patience and understanding, in what, have been unprecedented times.