Becoming a Member

So you have seen what we can offer and want to know how to become a member?

We run inductions at the club regularly where we go through the application process and costs.

The process is to fill in the ‘contact us’ form and say that you are interested in joining. You will then be contacted by the induction officer who runs an induction at the club to show you what we do and what is involved.

After attending an induction and completing the application form, which needs to be returned to the club with ID, photos and fee. The membership secretary will submit the form to the Police. Providing the Police vetting is ok he will then take up your references. This process takes approximately 3-4 weeks . You will then be invited to commence your 6 month probation period. During that time you will be given a probationary book, which goes through safety, different Disciplines, shooting technique and has a section at the back for you to be signed off.

Initially, you will be required to have 1:1 supervision during your probationary period. This is to ensure that you are taught how to handle the guns safely and are following the range rules and instruction. As you demonstrate competence and safety, you will be signed off as competent for one type of gun. This will be recorded in the club probationary file. We assess for each type of gun so you may be signed off for a .22 bolt action, but would still need 1:1 supervision for using a .38 underlever. We have lots of club guns that you will be able to use even if you do not have a licence. Ammunition can be purchased for use in the club, but it is an offence to remove the ammunition from the club premises without a licence.

At the end of your 6 months probationary period your name will come before the committee and they will vote if you should become a member of the club. The club is under no obligation to give a reason for rescinding probationary membership at any time.

The legal bit

As with all Home Office approved Rifle clubs we need to follow the Home Office guidelines. This means that all potential members are vetted by the Police before the club takes up references.

There are also restrictions on Juniors and what they are allowed to do under the age of 18 years.

If you fall under section 21 of the Firearms Act you are a prohibited person. Those are people who are sentenced to a term of imprisonment of three years or more cannot possess a firearm or ammunition (including antique firearms) at any time.

From 14 July 2014 suspended sentences will attract the prohibition imposed by Section 21 of the 1968 Act. Section 110 of the Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 extends the definition of a prohibited person to include persons with suspended sentences of three months or more. The period of prohibition of five years begins on the second day after the date on which sentence has been passed.