FAC Holder robbed of firearm

The Metropolitan Police have asked all of the major national shooting governing bodies to circulate this advice following a recent particularly nasty robbery. The NRA have embraced this advice and would like to pass it on to other FAC holders. On Saturday 5th September 2020 an FAC holder put up his firearm for sale on the popular Gunstar website, which is a well known site for selling lawfully owned guns. The advertisement was answered by two men which the holder arranged to meet at his home address. He invited the prospective purchasers in to his home and showed them the advertised gun along with his certificate. Unfortunately, they turned out to be criminals who after holding the man and his wife at knife point, forced him to load the gun with ammunition and then steal it leaving the FAC holder and his wife tied up. This was a shocking thing to happen to this man and his wife and the police offer this advice to anyone contemplating selling firearms. They also stress that this is only advice and not compulsory or regulation. We have also added a few suggestions of our own

  • Try to check their FAC in advance. Ask any purchaser to photograph the whole of the front page of their FAC (showing all four corners of the document) and make a note of their full name, home address and photo (for checking before allowing entry). It would also be a good idea to similarly get them to copy the page that shows the ‘slot’ needed to purchase that particular type of gun and calibre. If they haven’t the required ‘slot’ then they are not in a position to purchase. Also check that the FAC number on this matches the number on the first page. A genuine buyer should not object to this relatively simple request.
  • If possible, try to complete the sale away from the home, where somebody could get complete access to your gun safe. A better location could be at your gun club where more people will be present.
  • Advertise locally ie. gun club notice boards, rather than online.
  • Consider using an RFD as an intermediary for the sale. Although there are additional cost implications, the risk to the holder is removed.

The police stress that these are only suggestions. Simple precuations can help protect the sport, that we all feel so passionately about.

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