Who We Are

We are Carshalton Rifle Club, a member-run private shooting club based in the heart of Surrey. We are open five days a week throughout the year, meaning that it is possible to shoot a staggering 540 sessions a year, when combined with the sessions that take place at the ranges at Bisley, as well as our Clay Pidgeon outings.

Historically, our club can trace its roots back to 1862, when it was formed as the Carshalton Detachment of the Surrey Rifle Volunteers. In 1908, these volunteers became part of the Territorial Force, and a drill hall and miniature rifle range was erected in The Square, Carshalton, as the  unit headquarters.

history of Carshalton Rifle Club

The unit registered with the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs and, until the outbreak of the Great War in 1914, enjoyed many successes in competitive small-bore rifle shooting. Many of the members saw active service with the regular army, as well as providing instruction and advice to the various Local Defence Leagues set up in 1914.

The Territorial Force was disbanded in 1916, but the club still continued their activities in The Square, until the British Legion was formed after the war. In 1922, the club renamed itself the “Wallington British Legion Rifle Club”, and operated under that name until the outbreak of World War II in 1939. Like many other Legion clubs, the club premises was offered to the goverment as a base for the newly formed Home Guard, and the club name was changed to the “Wallington and Carshalton H.G. Rifle Club”.

With the disbandment of the Home Guard, the club still retained their name until 1948, when the British Legion’s policy of only allowing ex-servicemen to belong to the organisation, it was decided to form a separate club to accommodate the people who had not seen regular military service, the name chosen for the new club being Carshalton Rifle Club. The two clubs continued their activities at the range in the square until 1968, when the British Legion Club disbanded, due to a fall in membership.