Our Facilities

Carshalton Rifle Club has its own indoor 6 lane 25 meter range, which is used intensively for a large number of target shooting disciplines. The range has controlled lighting and air conditioning, which makes for comfortable shooting all year round. Targets can be shot at distances from 6 yards (for air pistol and rifle) all the way up to 25 meters for disciplines such as Lightweight Sporting Carbine (.22 rimfire). We also operate a turning target system on the first Wednesday of every month. Turning Targets makes for a dynamic, reflex driven discipline, enabling shooters to test their speed and accuracy at an advancing range.

Our range is used for many different disciplines, including the following:

  • Air Pistol & Air Rifle
  • Gallery Rifle
  • High precision Prone Rifle
  • Light Sporting Rifle
  • Muzzle-loading Handguns
  • Long-barrelled Handguns

In terms of accessibility, the range is equipped with wheelchair ramps, as well as low mounted tables that can be equipped to each bay. This means that shooters of every ability can shoot comfortably. We utilise a high security armory to ensure that all firearms are stored safely and securely.

Our Clubhouse is a great space for shooters to socialize, discuss targets, compare gear, and relax after a great detail. We have a small kitchen area used for light refreshments, as well as vending machines stocked with drinks and snacks. For those that wish to fine tune their equipment, or show off something new, we operate the “Fumble Zone” – a small section of the clubhouse that can be used to handle equipment safely away from the range. In the summer, we operate a secure, covered patio which can be used for BBQ’s! We also have a secure car park attached to the club which is covered by an external CCTV system.

The reception desk / sales desk is continually manned by at least one of the club officers, who can keep an eye on everything that happens both on and off of the range via audio equipped CCTV.