Shooting Disciplines available at Carshalton Rifle Club


Shooting Disciplines at Carshalton Rifle Club


At Carshalton Rifle Club we can offer a wide number of shooting activities that covers most of the permitted shooting activities in the UK.  Whether your interest is purely as an activity for pleasure or if you are interested in taking part in serious competitive sport we can provide something for you.


We have our own indoor range that allows the club to shoot almost everyday of the year and this provides our members with the facility to shoot a wide variety of firearms from air pistol to gallery rifle and everything in between.


Where the interests of our members goes beyond the firearms that are allowed to be shot on our indoor range we hold meetings at external shooting grounds such as the National Shoot Centre at Bisley. For those who are shotgun enthusiasts the club has a partnership with the Gatwick Clay Shooting School.


You can find out more about the different disciplines by selecting the various options from the menu.