The Facilities at Carshalton Rifle Club



Carshalton Rifle Club has its own indoor 6 lane 25 metre range, which is used intensively for a large number of target shooting disciplines. The range has controlled lighting and air conditioning, so that it is comfortable all year round. Targets can be shot at distances from 6 yards (for air pistol and rifle) up to 25 metres for live fire rifles and pistols. There is a turning target system, to accommodate gallery rifles and pistols in calibres from .22 up to .455.

The range is used for many disciplines including, air pistols and rifles, both high precision and sporting, live fire .22 match rifle, gallery rifle, semi-auto and under lever, from .22 up to .455LC. Nitro proofed muzzle loading hand guns , Long barrelled hand guns. The range is fully accessible for disabled shooters and is equipped with wheelchair ramps. We have a high security armoury where all of our equipment is stored.

The Club house is comfortable and is also fully accessible for disabled members. There is a lively lounge area where you can meet other members and discuss popular topics. There is also kitchen area for light refreshments and vending machines for drinks and snacks.  For those wanting to get hands on experience of firearms we have a "fumble zone" which is used by members wishing to fine tune equipment or handle guns away from the range. In the summer a secure covered patio is available and can be used for barbecues. We have a secure car park which is covered by an external CCTV system.

The reception desk / sales desk is continually manned by at least one of the club officers, who can keep an eye on everything that happens both on and off of the range via audio equipped CCTV.

The club is involved in a lot of external activities, including Black powder (gunpowder) pistol shoots from .36 revolvers up to an enormous .63 single shot pistol, long range rifle shoots at distances up to 1200 yards using a variety of calibre's from .223 to 7.62, .22LR match rifle shoots on the Commonwealth Games Range using electronic targets at 50 metres. Clay Pigeon shooting is also catered for on a modern CPSA Target school range with electrically operated targets including full sporting; Down the line; Automatic ball trap; and Skeet.

In short, we offer an astounding 540 shooting sessions per year.

We can provide ALL the equipment you need for your chosen area of shooting, including of course ALL the guns you will need, you may of course use your own if suitable.

Coaching and Tuition, and Safety instruction is continuously available for ALL disciplines at all times, and we are very proud of the large number of qualified Range Conducting Officers, Range Officers MLAGB, Instructors and Coaches that we have as members.


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