Carshalton Rifle Club is one of the leading shooting clubs in London with a wide range of activities and shooting disciplines available to our club members.  Our club house and indoor range is open all year round and it’s possible to shoot six days a week.  There is a style of shooting to appeal to just about everyone, ranging from air pistols through to small-bore and full-bore targets.

One of the aims of our club is to promote the sport of Target Shooting within the UK, and as such, we welcome inquiries from anyone with a genuine interest in taking up the sport. Within our club, we have members with a wide variety of skills and interests. Adding to this, we actively promote internal and external competitions as a way of improving a shooter’s skill – but the emphasis is on enjoying the sport!

Our club is growing, and our membership is expanding to even more groups of people – our average member’s age has been steadily falling and now sits at around 35.